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Rev78 debut album Boy in the Blitz strengthens the re-surge of the guitar band


Scheduled for release on the 4th April is Rev78’s eagerly anticipated forthcoming debut album "Boy in the Blitz".

It comes as a giant leap for the band – an assured radio-friendly fare which instead of being forgettable, demands repeated listens. Masterly produced by "Junk Scientist" (AKA Russ Keffert) and mixed by scene luminary Catherine Marks - who’s recent portfolio includes the likes of Interpol, Foals, PJ Harvey and Placebo to name but a few – only adds further magic to the clamour of the quartet who will no doubt imminently be propelled into mainstream consciousness.

The album follows last year’s release of the bands first single ‘Killing Me’ and B-side ‘Lullaby’, which boasts a colossal vocal performance from lead singer Teddy Quick. He instantly drew comparisons to various stellar rock stalwarts such as Morrissey, Ian Curtis and Matt Bellamy. Bassist James Laff, guitarist David Gritzman, Drummer Tom Hargreaves and Teddy Quick fuse modern indie with post punk assembling them somewhere between the Manic’s, The Killers and Arcade Fire.

Rev78 have a massive, expansive and heartfelt sound which follows the tradition of Great British Rock music - but refreshingly interweaved with a dark-pop sensibility. As nephew to Mark Laff (Generation X, Subway Sect) bassist James Laff is aiming towards the path of British rock distinction. Certainly, Rev78 tick all the boxes to rise out of the Camden underworld and onto stadiums around the world.

Next single ‘Every Bone’ due for release on 28th February 2011 follows the resonating-meets-epic-ballad suit, with a gentle musicianship and Quick’s soaring vocals leading listeners through a tunnel of melancholy, before reaching an affirming, “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” and emotively-crashing crescendo.

As 2011 has been dubbed the year guitar bands make their come back, ‘Boy in the Blitz’ has every chance of becoming a leading record of this year.

“I think it’s music made for arena’s.”
Brent Hansen, former president of MTV