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Versus You originate from Luxembourg and were brought to life in 2005 by Eric Rosenfeld (vocalist/guitar) and Giordano Bruno (bass).

Without any time to waste, the driven unit pulled together their first record ’Marathon’ in 2006. Their second release ’This Is The Sinking’ soon followed, and the band began to pick up prominent attention with their track ’The Hotel Room’, which managed to top the national charts. Continuing to spread their wings, the lively foursome undertook a mammoth tour in support of ’This Is The Sinking’ which hit up Germany, Belgium, Holland and Italy. Along the way, Versus You also impressively bagged shows with Queens of the Stone Age and The Killers. As the band’s sound evolved they drafted in Jimmy Leen to contribute with songwriting, vocal and guitar duties. Opening for the likes of ’No Use For A Name’ and soon to be friends ’the Flatliners’, they then toured through Eastern Europe and Russia playing shows with NOFX, Propagandhi, White Flag and Bayside. At this time, Versus You went into the studio again to produce their third album which was recorded live on the back of the tour. Inspired by the scribblings of Jack Kerouac and suitably titled ’The Mad Ones’, the record further cemented the band’s development and increase in popularity.

Throughout 2010, the irrepressible quartet played a handful of shows with numerous fraternal spirits from ’Alkaline Trio’, ’Strike Anywhere’, ’Dead To Me’, and ’Rise Against’ to the likes of ’Star Fucking Hipsters’. Now in 2011, Versus You team up with US punksters ’White Flag’ and present seven of their own edgy and formidable punk rock cuts led by the distinctly raspy voice of Eric Rosenfeld. The songwriting is melodically direct and catchy, yet intense enough to burrow deep paths into the cranium. From the dynamic guile of "This War Is Like A Drug To You" to the energetic "Spread The Epidemic", Versus You have drawn together an impressive collection of tracks to kick off a stunning collaboration.

The second part of this split release highlights the talents of Californian Punk-Rock vets White Flag. Impressively, the long standing punk rockers have released 23 records within 28 years and have racked up shows from all reaches of the globe, from Greenland to Faror, and everywhere in between. White Flag are and have fully embraced the punk rock lifestyle ever since they formed back in 1982, opening for the legendary Black Flag.

Not only do the the US punks have a rich and lengthy history, but their notable list of rotating band members is also a unique feature. Since their formation, more than 20 musicians have contributed to White Flag, including members from Bad Religion, Circle Jerks (Greg Hetson), The Muffs (Ronnie Barnett), Lagwagon (Ken Stringfellow) and Hole (Eric Eraldson). Rightly so, White Flag are firmly stapled into the heart of American rock and Punk Rock history.

The L.A. Punk Rock roots of White Flag are instinctively recognisable right from the first chord and this split release ideally showcases eight charismatic old school-styled punk tunes that, reminiscent of true rebellion, serve as a timely marker that substance is paramount and fashion is redundant. Old School is back with a vengeance!