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We Are Only Fiction Are Over

We Are Only Fiction

We Are Only Fiction have split up.

Read the statement below:

"I’ve been turning this over in my head for months, now. At first I was angry, then confused, then incredibly bummed, then I entered a brief period of fantasy erotica, until, finally, I was able to come to grips with it ... WAOF is over. Sure, to 99.999999999% of everyone in the world, that doesn’t mean a thing. We never had a significant fan base, we never sold an ass ton of records, we never really toured like we had always wanted. Most people never knew who we were. For me, though, WAOF was my life. We had been a band in one way or another since 2002 (formerly under the name "Ruckspin" for those of you who go way back, haha), and it had been the focal point of my life since I can remember. It was hard for me to let go of WAOF. We had worked for years for people to give just two shits about our band, and finally, at last, we were starting to get a little tiny bit of recognition (Alternative Press, AbsolutePunk, The Daily Chorus, IndieVision Music).

However, it was not enough to keep the WAOF turd from being flushed. Travis decided his time with WAOF was over in September. Being that the core of this band had essentially always been myself and Travis, things were bound to fall apart, and shortly after his departure they did just that. It took 7 years, 5 different bass players, and 5 different drummers for WAOF to become what it was, but only a few short months for it to fall apart entirely. I always felt like something had gotten in the way of us maximizing our full potential ... college, member issues, jobs, the list goes on. We could never get 4 guys, on the same page, at the same time. Does anybody really care about this? I don’t know, but I feel obligated in some way to let the few people who read our blogs know.

I have posted one last video from our tour in May and our last set of promo pictures with our new drummer (who we never got to even make an official announcement about) Pete Alexander, formerly of our good friends Looks To Make History. Also, I have posted a crap load of songs from everything we have ever released (Out From The Cave, The Concept of an Enemy, Spotlight Compilation, The Sippy Cup Sessions) for streaming. If you’re interested, Out From The Cave and The Concept of an Enemy are both on iTunes and Amazon.

Lastly, a sincere THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who ever supported our band in any way ... whether you just listened online, watched us at a show, bought a CD or shirt, took our fliers and didn’t throw it on the ground immediately, helped us book a show, played a show with us, let us crash on your floors, shower in your homes, or poop in your toilets ... whether you’ve been following us for years or just now heard about us ... anyone who was kind enough to give our band a chance, thank you so much.

Personally, I want to thank all the members who dedicated their time and efforts to this band over the years, whether you moved halfway across the country for us, Derek, commuted from Rome to Woodstock for 2 years, Patrick, whether you spent years playing with us or only a few months, or even if you just showed up for practice regularly. I have had a true pleasure sharing the stages, studios, and practice spaces, living in and out of vans, listening to you fart constantly, eating sunflower seeds, chopping wood, throwing fruit out the van window, almost getting beat up in Denton, TX, and seeing all sorts of random shit with all of you. Its been fun.

We still have a bunch of CD’s and some tshirts left over. If you want one, get in touch with me (email: tylerbhill@gmail.com), and I will hook you up with a significantly discounted price.

While this marks the end of WAOF, this is not the end of our respective musical journeys. Please keep in touch.

Your friend,

Tyler / We Are Only Fiction"