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“WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC - First Ever UK Tour!


The Essential “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC 2CD & Download

Weird Al Yankovic alongside performing at All Tommorrow’s Parities curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, will play three headline UK shows. And to celebrate his first ever UK tour "Weird Al’ Yankovic is releasing The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic on Sony .

"Weird Al" Yankovic, the undisputed king of pop culture parody, has sold more comedy recordings than any other artist in history. In a career spanning nearly three decades, he has sold over 12 million albums , amassed 30 Gold and Platinum albums, 7 Gold and Platinum-certified home videos and won 3 Grammy Awards

Alfred Matthew Yankovic – better known as “Weird Al” - is the foremost song parodist of the MTV era. He has carried the torch of musical humour more proudly and more successfully than any other performer of the last 30 years mocking everything from new wave to gangsta rap.

The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic is released on October 18th. The album includes his two hit singles in the UK ;Eat It (1984) and Smells Like Nirvana (1992) and which both played on the music phenomenon of their time. However, many other parodies on this 38 track career-spanning collection, personally selected by Al himself, will also be familiar "Another One Rides The Bus" (Queen), "Yoda" (The Kinks’ Lola), "Like A Surgeon" (Madonna), Fat (Michael Jackson’s Bad and for which the video won a Grammy), "Bedrock Anthem" (a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ mash up), "Jurassic Park "(MacArthur Park), "Amish Paradise" (Coolio), It’s All About The Pentiums (Puffy), The Saga Begins (American Pie), eBay (Backstreet Boys), Canadian Idiot (Green Day), Trapped in The Drive-Thru (R Kelly) and 2006’s internet in phenomena , "White & Nerdy", will all strike a chord.

Ultimately, much of “Weird Al”’s success has resulted from his skilled use of music video. By the mid-80s, not only could records themselves serve as parody fodder but their video clips were ripe for satire as well. Consequently, MTV firmly established Yankovic’s public persona in North America and now, at the age of 51, he finally brings his show to the UK, in which he will be backed by the four-piece band that have been with him for nearly 30 years.

The Essential “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC track listing
1. Another One Rides The Bus
2. Polkas On 45
3. Eat It
4. I Lost On Jeopardy
5. Yoda
6. One More Minute
7. Like A Surgeon
8. Dare To Be Stupid
9. Dog Eat Dog
10. Lasagna
11. Melanie
12. Fat
13. UHF
14. The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
15. Trigger Happy
16. Smells Like Nirvana
17. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
18. Bedrock Anthem
19. Frank’s 2000” TV
20. Jurassic Park

1. Since You’ve Been Gone
2. Amish Paradise
3. Gump
4. Everything You Know Is Wrong
5. The Night Santa Went Crazy
6. Your Horoscope For Today
7. It’s All About The Pentiums
8. The Saga Begins
9. Albuquerque
10. eBay
11. Bob
12. Hardware Store
13. I’ll Sue Ya
14. Canadian Idiot
15. Pancreas
16. Don’t Download This Song
17. White & Nerdy
18. Trapped In The Drive- Thru

Thursday 2nd - BIRMINGHAM Academy
Friday 3rd – MANCHESTER Academy 1
Sunday 5th - MINEHEAD All Tomorrow’s Parties
Monday 6th - LONDON Forum

All shows except All Tomorrow’s Parties
Tickets: £25.00 adv