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“….inspiration to a brutal, bludgeoning boil” TERRORIZER “….slaughterhouse screams with speed shifts worthy of motion sickness” METAL HAMMER Highly rated Northern Extremists ‘XisForEyes’ spit out their greatly anticipated new EP ‘Insidious Existentialism’, out on 25th April through all good outlets.

Since their formation in 2007, Newcastle’s XisForEyes have destroyed stages across the UK with their face-melting concoction of modern deathcore laced with eerie black metal choirs and the band’s own twisted sense of humour.

The innovative Deathcore crew originally found their feet playing a host of sweat-drenched hardcore shows in the vicinity of Newcastle. Their early shows involved a certain amount of theatrics, all the way from wrestling to trampolining. Although such ‘horseplay’ managed to ban the playful upstarts from several venues due to property damage, they did provide audiences with a clear illustration of their abundant enthusiasm and great sense of fun. With a host of varied influences mapping from Deftones to Cradle of Filth and Cannibal Corpse, the progressive fivesome strive to etch an individual approach on an increasingly stigmatized genre. They take their musical output seriously, yet still thrive on humour and ballsy originality.

After the release of their debut demo, the metal scamps caught the eye of hip underground metal label Foot And Mouth Records who served up their highly acclaimed EP ’Absolute Corporeal Besmirchment’ at the end of 2008. Critical acclaim and genuine support followed with the likes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer heavily backing the Northern quintet. The band also marked their stamp on the nation’s highways, playing a cluster of fleapits as far afield as Scotland through to the depths of the Midlands, and supporting the likes of Trigger The Bloodshed, Sylosis, The Casino Brawl, Viatrophy, Bleed From Within, Eternal Lord, Martyr Defiled, Romeo Must Die, Lavotchkin and The Arusha Accord along the way.

XisForEyes reach new heights in the shape of their brand new EP ‘Insidious Existentialism’, which is a sheer beast of a record. From the highly intriguing beginnings of ‘The Sermon”, through to the blistering conclusion of the colossal ‘Crow Road’, it’s a truly killer record that has enough intensity and unbridled power and precision to level an apartment block. There’s nothing stopping XisForEyes from earning a prominent place within the UK Metal hierarchy. Watch this space!