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No Hawaii

No Hawaii certainly are not, Hawaiian or from any other tropical island paradise, that is.

They are Swedish & they couldn’t be from many other places. Taking seeming cues from other heavy atmosphere infused music such as Cult Of Luna or maybe even Neurosis, they evoke a frost bitten wasteland.

The journey that the record takes you on sees you lost & hallucinating as you wander from track to track, never straying into the harshness of black metal, but leaving a slight shiver all the same.

I thoroughly enjoyed this record & can find no real fault with it, but after listening to it I did dig out an Isis record I hadn’t listened to in a while & realised sometimes, one or two bands have done something so well I wonder why anyone else bothers to try.

That is I’m afraid where I fall out a little with No Hawaii. As much as I like what they are doing & they do do it well, some of the tiny moments of erraticisms are fantastically unhinged & surprising, but I would rather listen to Salvation.

In fact thanks guys, you’ve reminded how damn good those records are.

Listen: www.myspace.com/nohawaii