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The Torture of The Nameless


This is certainly a well produced album for a self release.

Nice glossy PR sheet, stock but well done artwork. It had me confused that it was unsigned. By all accounts (and according to the PR spiel) Nothing should be on some well known metal label, touring and releasing records across Europe. Unfortunately they are not quite in that position yet.

They possess musical chops a-plenty and a pretty decent bullshit riff detector. Hence the classy, organic sounding music on offer once the album is going.

Maybe a good point of reference would be something like Shadows Fall, Anthrax mixed with a healthy dose of melodic black/death, modern metal/hardcore ala Lamb Of God and some cheeky fusion sounding solos. Forward thinking blackened thrash anyone? Thankfully side stepping any current “trendy” styles. They build on a classic formula with ease from the sound of the eleven tracks presented to you. The one moot point is the samey, boring vocals, that do the job but after a while start to detract from some interesting music.

Listen: www.myspace.com/nothingthrash