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Beating Hearts (Single)


Wow it’s nice to hear a soulful voice (Emil (B Unique)) with no autotune on.

Mixed & messed about with, but no T pain here. Floaty light Electro disco, with on irony free pop heart. My first point of reference on listening to the radio edit was Glassjaw offshoot Men, Women & Children, so it came as no surprise that Ocelot were formed from the remnants of The Rise.

This is a transatlantic (Texas & Keighley in Yorkshire) anthemic joy from start to finish. It’s balanced on a high wire above a huge river of cheese & self consciousness cool steadfastly refusing to fall in. It’s a guilty pleasure that doesn’t feel so guilty.

One thing though, no one ever needs that many remixes. Ever.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ocelotmthrfckrs