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What a terrible, terrible name.

Paincraze. Actually it’s a lot better than the previous moniker of Relentless! Sweet Jesus! If from the album title and band name you couldn’t tell that this is a metal album then one listen of opener “Napalm” and its blatant Slayer homage/rip-off will more than likely convince you. The PR shot has the band wearing Motorhead and Queen t-shirts and standing in some industrial tunnel. That’s pretty metal as well.

The music encompasses nearly all the prerequisite’s for a modern(?) metal album. Chunky riffs, melodic refrains, shouting vocals, slightly, dim-witted verse/chorus/verse/solo arrangements and enough sweaty-boy pheromones to power a light bulb.

Close but...well not really close to be honest. People that like this sort of music will dig it. I didn’t.

Listen: www.myspace.com/paincraze