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Candy (Single)

Paolo Nutini

It’s hard to believe that Paolo is only twenty-two years old, apparently.

His constantly-tremulous voice is stretched to Blunting point by the close of this, the first taste from his evidently food-obsessed new album Sunny Side Up. The track is available on CD and download. So are the works of John Martyn and Bert Jansch - if you absolutely must have some acoustic guitar-based emoting in your life, you might as well spend your hard-earned on some with depth, rather than that from someone who calls a twelve-date tour and six festivals a ‘busy Summer’. Mr. Nutini needs to get into a few more fights over women in bars and be more Van Morrison than James Morrison. Until then, we’ll have a steady trickle of beige nonsense like Candy covered with photographs showing him in a variety of meaningful poses. This particular release shows his ‘watching a studio tech re-position my footstool’ face. Candy? No can do.

Listen: www.myspace.com/paolonutini