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Wired OK (Single)

paw paw

I love synths, I often dream of patch cables, I once tried to build one out of guitar pedal parts (I can’t even solder).

This track is the reason they went out of fashion; the overly bare production and simplistic vocals sound like the worst cheap, 80’s electro pop.

All of the influences, spanning the last 30 years of synth music, are clear to hear but Paw Paw have created a lazy copy and paste job rather than a re-imagining. Wired OK sounds like a forgotten Yazoo track but without the conviction of Alison Moyet’s vocals. With lyrics like "It’s like self-destruct-o-mite" it is very hard to take the track seriously but the hooks are not catchy enough to be enjoyed as pure Pop.

Sorry for the easy pun but Poor Poor not Paw Paw.

Listen: www.myspace.com/pawpawmusic