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Warehouse Project, Manchester - 10th November, 2007


Firstly, for those of you who are going to future Warehouse Project events: the entrance is literally underneath Piccadilly train station.

Literally. They don’t lie on their website.

So, Pendulum played in Manchester. But more of that later.

Whomever the warm-up DJs were, they did good. Regular club DJs have nothing on them.

When we arrived the venue was pretty sparse so we managed to get a proper look around the space. The venue was, in a recent previous life, a car park. I’m not talking about an open space surrounded by fences though; I’m talking about the kind that are housed underground, and damp, and have those big yellow metal plates that surround pillar corners. From the first minute you stepped into the gig arena you could feel that it was going to be dirty, and that the type of music on offer was going to be big and dirty and, most importantly, industrial.

When we arrived a DJ had already started her set. As expected the music started off pretty standard: no flashy or underground music but stuff that you’d like if you were the sort of person who would score some Pendulum. They had a total of two pre-headline DJs playing, both of whom did an exceptional job in engaging the crowd.

The DJs left. The lights dimmed. The floor became the pit.

I’d forgotten exactly what it was like to be in a mosh pit. It’s definitely a different sensation when you’re one of the founding members than when you’re joining the actual pit from the sidelines.

Dimmed stage lights: slow bars. The pit went mental.

Pendulum did well to engage the crowd. Unfortunately I was stood in exactly the wrong place to hear anything correctly, though this didn’t seem to present during the DJ sets. Surprisingly, they played their new single, Granite, at the beginning of the show and followed with tracks from their previous album: Hold Your Colour. As those who have heard the album probably know, the album holds a similar bassline throughout. Due to where I was standing this was pretty much all I could hear, with almost no treble or bassline presence. That said, the crowd immediately in front of the stage didn’t appear to be hearing what I was hearing.

I didn’t hang around to see the end of the Pendulum set and so can’t comment on the DJs after, although word on the street is that Goldie played an amazing set.

Listen: www.myspace.com/pendulum