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For What It’s Worth (Single)


Despite their own hype-machine painting this new release with ‘optimism’ and ‘colour’, it comes across as more cracked-glam with added ambivalence.

There’s a sense that the band of Molko are starting to feel mortal - ‘For what it’s worth, I nearly died’ and ‘I have a slow disease that sucked me dry’, for example. Not exactly a song for happy rainbows but this is Placebo, for goth’s sake. Anyhow, For What It’s Worth continues where Meds left off, with more elegantly strident riffage which doesn’t really go anywhere (despite the odd video game twiddle near the end). Live it’ll get the pit bouncing, no doubt.

It’s B-side is a cover of Nik Kershaw’s Wouldn’t It Be Good, apparently. ‘Cos the 1980s are, like, so hot right now. One wonders if the band continue for another ten years, whether they’ll start covering Bros or Belouis Some. But let’s not go there just yet - there’s an album on the way. If this is the top of the pile, however, Zane Low could deservedly be their last remaining fan.

Listen: www.placeboworld.co.uk