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The Never-Ending Why (Single)


Taken from their latest album, ‘Battle for the Sun’, Placebo’s latest release is going to take quite a lot to beat.

For fans of their earlier stuff, do not panic, ‘The Never-Ending Why’ is perfect to get back on track and feel the energetic buzz that Placebo once had. It is safe to say that it oozes with earlier Placebo riffs whilst Brian Molko’s powerful vocals magnify their finest energy.

After being put off a little by the direction of Placebo recently it is refreshing to hear that they are now back to their old selves. This is reinforced by the opening of the track stabbing out with a classic Placebo bass line. With festival appearances and a tour it seems the wiser option to revert back to the sound of classic albums such as ‘Black Market Music’ and retain old and new fans alike. Some people may argue that Placebo lost their buzz before the release of their previous album ‘Meds’, but even if this is true they are back to prove you wrong.

Available on CD single and 7” vinyl this is definitely one for the collection of any avid Placebo fan as well as new fans. Let’s rekindle our love for Placebo and not forget that they still have that spark.

Listen: www.myspace.com/placebo