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The Craft (Single)


THIS is balls to the wall metal.

Riding out through the gates of hell like some kind five headed hydra, wielding axes and killer tunes Primitai are carrying the torch dropped by such posers as Bullet For My Valentine and other so-called metal bands. No mention of broken hearts or borderline goth/emo imagery here.

Primitai sing about getting fucked by gargoyles and rocking all night long with Red Sonja-esque women cleaning their broadswords (sorry!). These guys seemed to have been weaned on a steady diet of Judas Priest, Saxon, Maiden and several Manowar rusks and “The Craft” is proof that Primitai don’t cater to tastes dictated by anyone but themselves...except some of Joey Demaio’s onstage raps (which should be made law in my opinion). Fierce drumming, shredding riffs, duel attack solo’s and roaring vocals; this is classic stuff that needs your attention.

If you have an affinity for playing an invisible guitar with your eyes closed in the middle of a sweaty club, this band are for you. All hail Primitai!

Listen: www.myspace.com/primitaiofficial