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I Need You Tonight (Ft. Ed Drewett) (Single)

Professor Green

Are you ready for a lesson children?

I’d like to tell you all about Professor Green & his new single “I Need You Tonight”. Once your are all in your seats, yes you in the back, that does mean you! I’ll begin.

Professor Green is not another Dappy from N Dubz, let’s just get that out of the way. There are vague similarities, in they are both British, white & wear those baseball caps with the flat brims, but this lads got some serious Hip Hop chops. When he was just 18 he started rapping as an MC. In his career as an MC, he won over 100 battles, and claimed his status as the world’s 2nd best MC in the Power Summit 50k battle in the Bahamas, not bad for a boy from Hackney (who loves his Nan.).

Having been a casualty of the funding rug being pulled out from under Mike Skinner’s label “The Beats” & almost a victim of a nasty bottle-meets-major-artery-stabbing attack, I’m personally pleased to hear him come back with such a strong single.

Taking the main infectious guitar riff from the INXS track & winding a witty, sharp & surprisingly PG rated tale of a disinterested girl over the top works so well I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already heard this song by now.

Everything about it has that same cheeky, sweet but above all else fantastic use of the English language (& not just street slang, or imaginary words made to rhyme with things that wouldn’t normally rhyme with, yes 50 Cent I’m looking at you) that made Mike Skinner such an endearing chart invader. I can see why he’d be drawn to & would have been a good label boss for Green, despite the end effect being so different.

If I could send a British rapper to represent my country in front of the world, on the strength of this single, I’d pick the Prof. every time.

Homework assignment. Buy this single & listen on repeat. No excuses, your dog did not eat your iTunes.

Listen: www.myspace.com/professorgreen