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Slow As An Eyeball

Quack Quack

Ahead, Jazz factor ten.

Or maybe eight. Certainly seven and a half - by the time you reach the title track with additional Polar Bears it’s complete Coltranity from this trio based around the beater from Bilge Pump. As expected with a drummer known for hitting everything, all the time (or seeming to) there’s sometimes little space for the bass or keys to do anything but plonk a little quietly in competition.

It’s an interesting start, though, with some glutinous moments of light and shade (Toc H, Perpetual Spinach, Phonehenge) reminiscent of Tortoise. It does fall foul of the old saw that Jazz is enjoyed more by the players than the audience a few times, though. Let’s waddle before we can fly.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thisisquackquack