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All Out War

Raising Sand

Can you imagine ZZ Top jamming with AC/DC fronted by Susie Quatro, the lady from Heart and even PJ Harvey?

That’s what Raising Sand sound like. They make ROCK. Yes all in capitals ROCK. In its simplest 3-chord-fast-paced-form ROCK.

It’s all very fine, well and really listenable, but ultimately you could go and see any small pub covers band anywhere in the country & get a similar effect (except you’d know all the words to all the songs & have time to go to the bar when they tried to cover a modern pop song).

Having said that, the vocals are outstanding, the pace relentless and I can imagine the live show being a sweaty, fun sight to behold, but in the quest for straight forward they’ve done nothing new.

With a band fronted by such a powerhouse of a vocalist, maybe I just expect a little more.

Listen: www.myspace.com/raisingsand