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Machinery Saints

Rapid Cities

There are a few things that I like about this album despite not being that big a fan of a lot of modern stuff like this.

First is the fact that opener “Manhattan’s Hymn” reminds me loads of one of my absolute favourite bands; Louisville’s godfather’s The National Acrobat (check them out, their greatness deserves attention), it’s jerking, melodic but caustic vibe is so good.

Second is the genuine honesty and how into what they do is made clear by listening to it. Despite it being a style of music that is greatly over saturated, Rapid Cities have passion for this and it shows in the intricate, engulfing tunes that make up this debut. At times laying off the accelerator to ease back into more reflective post-rock passages before bouncing back into top gear with moments that sound like the less caustic elements of the much missed Drowningman’s back catalogue.

The only weak point is the vocals are somewhat behind the rest of the music as far as advancement goes, but that is something that comes with time.

And also the too-close-for-comfort similarity between the opening riff of “In My Mind” and “One Armed Scissor” by El Paso’s favourite afro society botherers. Even the bass line is too close.

Anyway, it’s a superb debut and one that will hopefully set them up for something even better than this in the future.

Listen: www.myspace.com/rapidcities