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Soiled Soul & Rapture

Red Knife Lottery

The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” certainly rang true with this latest review.

On viewing of the band name and album art I was convinced this was going to be another in the long, tedious line of metalcore/screamo/nu-rock rubbish that is thrown around by labels and PR firms on a daily basis, slowly pushing an already over-saturated market that bit further to meltdown. Well thank God it’s not, because “Soiled Soul & Rapture” is one of the best debut albums I have heard in some time. What could be better than a band that reminds me of The Detroit Cobras and Pretty Girls Make Graves equally!?

High praise that may be, but certainly on the vocal performance of Ashley Chapman it rings true. Bringing to mind the aforementioned bands mixed with something akin to a less self consciously cool Karen O while the band behind her throw the ever present hardcore influence in with sounds and influence of neighbours Since By Man and Temper Temper. Avoiding the usual, almost “indie” route of the moment and retaining the energy and positive aggression of legends like ATDI, Fugazi and Ink & Dagger.

Every track on here stands up on its own, and it’s a very brave and ambitious band that can pull this off. But RKL do it and do it with style. If any of the mentioned bands perk your interest and you have the slightest interest in decent music then this fine gem is worth a spin.

Listen: www.myspace.com/redknifelottery