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Everything Has Gone Wrong

Red Light, Green Light

Sitting down to write this review feels a bit like trying to write an obituary.

Red Light, Green Light are now no more. So, for many Everything Has Gone Wrong will be the first, and last, that they hear of RLGL, that heaps the pressure on it to serve as a lasting legacy for the band.

RLGL serve up a mixture of hardcore, pop-punk, screamo all with a side of electronic. I suppose the closest thing to it that springs to mind is probably Enter Shikari though with more of an ear for the punk side of things. Album opener EAC23 is indicative of the rest of this mini-album, and if you like the first 20 seconds of it then you have found an album that you will treasure. If however, you the sort of person who prefers melody to chaos, and singing to screaming, then this album probably isn’t for you.

Habit vs. Habitat is the album’s strongest track, despite some weak lyrics, but the over-reliance on the synths, loops and electronics that dogs the whole album is just as prevalent here. The album would definitely have fared better without the constant synth in the background, though it could also be argued the album would have been better without all the screaming as well.

What I will say of RLGL is that this is a collection of songs that would undoubtedly sound much better live. The transference of these songs from stage to the studio has certainly limited their appeal somewhat, but as the band no longer functions, this is the only way people can now hear RLGL. Unfortunately for the band, this collection of songs will probably not win them too many fans, and it is a shame that they won’t be able to do it themselves through their live show, but so it goes.

Listen: www.myspace.com/redlightgreenlight123