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Us Against Them All (Single)


I sincerely hope that Ed Quick is of no relation to the blundering police chief who successfully shared a couple of the nation’s secrets - mostly how the police were going to “get” “Them”, unfortunately for Ed he does share some of his namesakes attributes; he and his fellow band mates fail to hide those from whom they borrow heavily (we’re talking measuring it in liquid weight, it’s that heavy) most notably from the genii once known as Warsaw.

Sadly however Rev 78 seems to lack in the part that set Joy Division aside -Heart. Elements of The Killers? For sure. Godspeed You Black Emperor!? I’m not sold.

Rev 78 do write hooks that are catchier than Aids in Cambodia, well this is certainly the case with Us Against Them All, embarrassingly I had a rather elongated yawn at the start of the second track and by the time I shut my cake hole it had reached its conclusion. Nevertheless do not give up hope; as long as the band’s Morrissey baiting doesn’t result in a catch then Rev 78 should stay the right side of narcissism. I do quite like the way that Mr Quick pronounces “answer” mind. That gets them one extra opposable pointing ceiling-ward.

Listen: www.myspace.com/revolution78music