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Belfast Confetti

Ricky Warwick

Ricky Warwick’s latest solo offering Belfast Confetti, no doubt a reference to Ciaran Carson’s poem of the same name about bombs placed by the IRA.

And the titular track gives some more reference to this within its lyrics. But this album is not all doom and gloom and if you like bands such as The Levellers much of this album shares similar styles.

I really like the way that each song has a distinctive sound and whilst they can all come under the heading of acoustic rock, they differ by the use of different instruments. But the genre styles also differ from American country to British/Irish folk with some good old rock n’ roll thrown in for good measure.

These are are well crafted tracks with interesting lyrics that aren’t just about girls, drinking but more about life and Ricky’s seeming love affair with Belfast.

Listen: www.myspace.com/rickywarwick