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Do or Die & Paper Scissors Stone EP


When I think of DIY bedroom music I think of maybe Babybird, or possibly even La Rue, I do not think of party era Prince & perfect pop slices of disco soul goodness.

When Ronika’s EP was plonked into my CD player I was not expecting what came out of the speakers, not one bit.

There is absolutely nothing not to like about Ronika, underground dance scene knowledge & tasty dubstep remix? Check. Name an Obscure Star Wars reference? Check. Keyboard bass sounds? (Nothing says “party” like a keyboard bass.) Check. Frothy, light New Power Generation infused summer pop perfection? Oh check & check!

Whilst our cup may have runethed (If that isn’t a word I’m making it one) over with female bedroom popstrels, we haven’t had one quite like Nottingham based Ronika. For a start she can REALLY sing, secondly there is slickness to the production that brings Lady Gaga more to mind than Little Boots et al.

EP opener “Do or Die” is a fantastically danceable late-period disco, synth-pop classic, dragged shaking its booty via 1983, only stopping to listen to Daft Punk & a little LCD Soundsystem on the way. This delicious funk, soul, disco and electro swaree is certainly poptastic, but there is an underlying intelligence to the whole affair that is sadly missing from 99% of fun music these days.

The only reason I didn’t give this 10 out of 10 is the tiny bit of auto-tune at the beginning of 2nd track “Paper Scissors & Stone”, which thankfully when it gets going is the kind of track that wouldn’t seem out of place in a compilation of Prince Protégées & couldn’t be further from the T-Pain iPhone app welding toss that is attacking the charts.

I have to find a party to go to now, I need an excuse to dance around my room getting ready, as I’ve just found two of the most perfect tracks to do this to, thanks for that Ronika!

Listen: www.myspace.com/ronikamusic