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Save Me


The EP “Save Me” is a 3-track introduction to the world of Nottingham’s Rookiecop; a one-man outfit, producing dark electronica/trip hop.

The first track “Can’t See the Soul” is like an instrumental Baz Luhrmann track remixed by DJ Shadow - you’re just waiting for the “never let your mum cut your hair, don’t eat the yellow snow - this is the sunscreen”. The E.P. is backed by a video for “Can’t See The Soul” - I’m still wondering what was going on in the video - man leaves flat, catches tube, and gets on ferry and “fin”. More like “Can’t See the Point”.

The other tracks are new age shop/holiday programme backing music - I think Rookiecop has a very promising career in backing tracks for TV shows and corporate information training films. There just seemed to be no spark or reason for listening - nothing to put it apart from any track on any chill-out compilation album ever made.

Listen: www.myspace.com/rookiecop