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I Hope All This Works Out So I Can Stop Standing On Even Amounts Of Manholes In The Street


Combined with the recent Throats self-titled album, Holy Roar has made me even more envious of the youth of today.

Youngsters are now writing and creating music that I struggle to do myself as a jaded adult. Of course we are talking of two very different styles here. run,WALK! have a total wig out feeling to their bass/drums racket. Yes, another 2-piece band trying their luck. Over saturating the world with more low end, distorted chaos at the end of a series of effects pedals.

run,WALK! has another angle though; a very tuneful ear. One which has more than likely been listening to as much Lightning Bolt as it has Bloc party. Tempering the distorted chaos with blasts of melody, squeaks of electronics and twisted little tunes that stick right in your head.

It’s still very early days but the youngsters are doing pretty fine and maybe we will have something to shout about soon.

Listen: www.myspace.com/runwalk