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The Wheatsheaf, Oxford - 20.06.2008

Sam Isaac

Upon my arrival at The Wheatsheaf my immediate grimacing from the first support act forced us back downstairs to the bar where I got a little carried away and forgot that I might actually like to see the main support for the evening.

The truth is, I only managed their last 2 songs, and they seemed to get a great reception, as the room was pretty packed. What happened next flustered me somewhat, as the room emptied, and very few of the audience returned to their spots in front of the stage, meaning that a depleted crowd were present for the highlight of the evening - Mr Sam Isaac, complete with a full band. I’d never seen Sam with a full band before, and the enhancement that it provided was outstanding.

Each song that Sam graced us with was just as beautifully crafted as it is on record - if not more so. The sentiment of each hook and each chorus was augmented ten-fold and the enriched sound provided by the keyboard and cello was outstanding. Last single “Sideways” gave the audience (Myself included) the chance to sing-a-long with gusto, and the likes of “Berlin” and “Falling Sounds From Across The Atlantic” revealed a somewhat more tender side to the performance tonight.

An absolutely fantastic set, and Sam Isaac will certainly be a name to look out for at various live dates and festival appearances this summer - trust me.

Listen: www.myspace.com/samisaac