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Then I Held My Breath

Sam Shinazzi

You can be too laid-back.

I know the weather’s nice in Australia and all that, but if you’re putting together an album you don’t want your listeners to fall asleep before the end. Do you? Well, despite briefs Lemonhead and Monster-era REM moments (Today We Lost A Great One, Please Don’t Let Me Forget), Mr. Shinazzi generally comes across as a bored Bryan Adams, a flat, dull, middle-aged teen-brain happy to sing a song listing girls’ names alphabetically (Girls) or having an entire half of an album be completely forgettable as it’s being listened to. Makes the last track seem more than a little over-optimistic. The best thing I can say about it is that Lil’ Wandering Soul made me want to dig out Dinosaur Jr’s Green Mind again. And then have a nap.

Listen: www.myspace.com/samshinazzi