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Leap Into My Fervent Arms

Screaming Mimi

This band of ‘50s-obsessed lunatics could be ones to watch.

We just need less random Bontempi organ abuse and more Theremin, to begin with. Oh, and everything sounds like its jostling for position rather than painting the intended noir-soundscape, especially early on. But this is the Sheffield quintet’s debut, don’t forget. We can’t all be the Arctic Monkeys and pop fully-formed out of MySpace. Electric Thighs shows a great mordant wit - more libidinous Kirsty MacColl than Kate Bush or Deborah Harry - which continues in My Favourite Objects (Mary Poppins it ain’t). Dirtypillowslip rounds things off nice and tightly, so can we expect better, darker things in the future?

Listen: www.myspace.com/screamingmimiband