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How To Do Battle


Senser was a breath of violently fresh air amongst crusty crap in the early 1990s.

Sadly, few listened and we all gawped merrily into a world of cameras, cameras, cameras and shit, shit, shit. So the band is trying again. They’ve lost none of their fire - in fact, it would seem the blaze has intensified over the past few years; Heitham Al-Sayed,/b> is beside himself with rage on more than one occasion and even his feminine foil Kerstin Haigh seems shot through with bitterness.

If there’s hope, it would seem to lie, as ever, with everyone getting off their arses. A simple message but an enduring one which doesn’t get less true as the police get more ‘powers’ and the politicians get more, full stop. In the meantime, enjoy the riffs and the beats - Senser always had an ear for the groove most likely to snap headbangers’ necks and clubbers’ backs. How To Do Battle is no exception. Bring it back to life.

Listen: www.myspace.com/senserband