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Here Come The Popes (Part Four) (Single)

Sergeant Buzfuz

Oh dear.

Plenty of antifolk academia in the lyrics, here, so if you want to know about papal history and can’t be bothered to either read a book or fire up Wikipedia, Sergeant Buzfuz are the band for you. You’ll have to put up with some weedy, punkalike vocals, though, which you may feel detracts from the loping funk-folk of the tune or any potential education. Here Come The Cops is a remix ‘in the style of a ‘70s cop show’, according to the band. Which ‘70s cop shows they’ve been watching I have no idea - it sounds more like a bedroom sketch around a Massive Attack-style bass. Track three’s cleanliness escapes me, as it still mentions balls, rape and intercourse, but hey ho. That’s history for you.

Listen: www.myspace.com/sergeantbuzfuz