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Neon Wasteland


Serpico are Scotland’s brightest rock hope - their new album “Neon Wasteland” is the soundtrack to the best night you’ve ever had in a rock club.

Whether you’re into the most brutal death metal or just pop punk, you’d probably find yourself singing along, two pints in the air…we’ve all been there!

“Neon Wasteland” has a healthy mix of sing-along choruses, pumping riffs and enough metallic edge to keep the purists happy. Surprising really, as it was produced by Rhys Fulber (he of Front Line Assembly fame). “Super industrial hero produces uplifting metal band album” shocker.

The production credits for the album is a collection of American “uber-engineers” previously working with Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend, InMe, My Chemical Romance….and so on. So you kind of know what is coming with Serpico. The kind of band that the press promote and then when the second album comes, rip them apart, but then that’s the mainstream press for you. I hope they are headstrong enough to not get caught up in the hype.

These guys are going to be huge, look out for them on every teen rock magazine and music channel. Not really my cup of tea, but then music preference usually goes out the window when you’re having a good time - and that is what Serpico provide, good times.

Serpico are playing all around Scotland and England in May and June - check MySpace for details.

Listen: www.myspace.com/serpicomusic