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Setting The Woods On Fire

Setting The Woods On Fire

Certain countries lend themselves well to certain styles of music.

France has produced a glut of emo; Italy has a number of screamo bands; Germany is home to many a goth or industrial group and the less said about true Norwegian black metal, the better. I think I can say for certain that I have never come across a band from Poland, nor did I expect them to be so good. I think I can say for sure that Setting The Woods On Fire are the best Polish band I have ever heard. That’s not hyperbole. This is a very good record. But instead of me telling you what’s right with it, here’s what’s wrong with it.

One: The recording isn’t great. If you only like to listen to super produced, shiny pop records you’ll probably struggle a bit with some of the sounds but otherwise you’ll be fine. Next!

Two: The song ‘Just Forget’ - frankly, it’s just not very good. It’s the token quiet song of the album, one for the ladies if you will. Compared to the rest of the album, it sounds like they’re trying too hard to sound like a straight up rock/pop band. But in all honesty, it’s the only bad song on here, and out of seven, that’s not bad odds.

Luckily, ‘Just Forget’ is followed by ‘The Letter’, which easily makes up for it. It slowly builds and builds before exploding into a raging bit of epic screamo, similar to say Funeral Diner or Saetia. Next track ‘Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder’ ploughs the same screamo vein, but this time with a slight Sonic Youth slant to it. There’s a hint of Superchunk thrown in as well. All good.

If you’re a fan of any sort of loud music with yelling vocals you should do yourself the service of picking this up. I only managed to find two faults with it, and I normally hate everything.

Listen: www.myspace.com/settingthewoodsonfire