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My Fantasy (Single)


Nu-Disco; the latest revival in genres of the past.

I’m pretty sure we can all think of a funk/disco track that your parents or your local reflex plays that you can’t help but get your drunken dance onto (at the car wash?).

Shena is a very talented singer from Epsom attempting to go it alone after being a successful backing singer for household name legends such as Luther Vandross, James Brown and more recently Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone.

My Fantasy reminds me of Earth Wind and Fire with its incredibly big band sound with slick bass and piercing brass section. You can’t help but tap along to the music and be sucked in by Shena’s seductive lyrics and vocal melodies. I like this track a lot but will this new wave of Disco-reform hold a place on today’s mainstream radio stations or fill venues? I guess only time will tell but I’ll be sure to keep this CD close in case I ever find myself donning some flares and star shaped glasses again.

Honorable mention must go to James Winchester on bass for his slick licks and pure funk slap.

Listen: www.myspace.com/shenawinchester