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Two Days (Single)

Silent Film Project

If jangly-indie pop is your thing then Silent Film Project may just be your idea of a dream band.

They write smart, catchy pop songs, with those lyrics that you just know are genuine because they are sung in the singer’s natural voice and not in the pop-perfect RP that we are used to hearing. Also, very few people have heard of them, so they can take pride of place in your collection, safe in the knowledge that you can name-drop them and no-one will know who you are talking about. But do it quickly, Silent Film Project have enough about them to be pretty darn successful if the two songs included on this disc are anything to go by.

Lead single Two Days has that call’n’return guitar thing going on, as made “popular” by Battles and Bloc Party but is held together by singer, Paul Musgrave, and the beautiful little harmonies he gets with Lisa O’Hara. Two Days is a song radio stations would undoubtedly love to get, it is quite literally perfect indie-radio rock. It sounds just enough like stuff that is already out there to be instantly familiar, while having enough about it to differentiate itself.

B-side, or track 2 as it’s probably now known, Alligator is at least the equal of Two Days. The jangly-ness is slightly scaled down, and the chorus, while being a touch repetitive seems tailor made for people to be screaming at their indie-club nights. The two songs show that Silent Film Project have decided on a sound and decided to stick with it. Given a break, this single could establish the band as a serious player in the indie rock-scene.

However, if jangly-indie pop makes you want to hurt small kittens, and the mere thought of a guitarist refusing to put the distortion on fills you with uncontrollable rage, this will not convince you to change your mind.