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C Throo / End of an Era

Sinking Cities

Apparently you only get one chance to make a first impression and Sinking Cities originally made a bad one, fortunately for them, I’m all about second chances and by then things definitely improved.

Perhaps it was me being overly superficial, but the all the instant feelings I got from ’C Throo’ and ’End of an Era’ were negative due to a few key factors. The main one being the overall production (or lack thereof) on the tracks.

Getting the recordings right in this day and age can make or break a band, with enough polish a track can gain far more accolades than it deserves, but on the opposite end potentially great songs can be ignored without the right final touches, Sinking Cities are the latter.

But let’s forget about the production, it’s the actual songs I’m reviewing and once I got past the first barrier I was pleasantly surprised. ’C Throo’ fights past it’s awful name (why ’leetspeak’ was used is beyond me ) to be quite pleasant, the harder elements of Snow Patrol with a darker edge and a drilling bass line, the chorus has potential and could have been more but that brings us back to the production talk again.

’End of an Era’ is more of a complete package, genuine lyrics that have sparks of ingenuity and very nice use of harmonies that they should make the most off, and the chorus is far stronger than you’d expect.

Dig deep, and you discover there is definitely potential here, it’s just a shame that the critical first impression is its Achilles heel.

Listen: www.myspace.com/sinkingcitiesglasgow