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Doll Size (Single)

Slaves To Gravity

I went to see a friend’s band play a support slot at a random Camden hotspot some time last year.

Whilst waiting around I saw some bloke walk through the crowd with a Sunset Strip swagger thinking he was in Dogs D’Amour. The only thing missing was a bottle of jack and as it was a “METALLLL” night, he stood out, but didn’t give one. I later found out to my embarrassment that he was the singer of the headline band Slaves To Gravity - who were fucking brilliant. Taking everything that was good about 90’s Britrock-era (Wildhearts, Bush, 3 Colours Red, early Feeder) and mixing it with some heartfelt Silverchair/Oceansize vocals. The new single “Doll Size” is a huge slab of melodic rock that will push Slaves To Gravity into the spotlight and if the backing tracks are anything to go by, these boys will go far.

Listen: www.myspace.com/slavestogravityofficial