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Just Say Yes (Single)

Snow Patrol

This band used to be interesting before they decided to drag along in the wake of the Coldplay trawler.

Oh, well. You can’t go back. They’re gearing up for a few dates in large concert halls and the release of an uber-fan’s wet dream of a box set. This is one of the three new songs from the said behemoth (the rest being a ‘greatest hits’ / ‘rarities’-type thing) and, yes, it’s yet another Snowplay.

Sounding not unlike something from X & Y, this is an inoffensive keyboard-driven trill through something to make girlfriends, mums and grans sigh a bit. Again. Why anyone else would bother is beyond me but there you go - millions watch the sewage that pours from their televisions every night, so what do I know? Personally, I would rather file my teeth on the arse of a seagull, so I think I’ll just say ‘no’ very loudly until they go away.

Listen: www.snowpatrol.com