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Jug Of Ale 21/11/06


I’ve not had a great day in the grand scheme of things, you know one of those where things just don’t quite go to plan and by token you feel rather tired of it and wish it was already tomorrow?

Instead of going up and curling in my rather cold bedroom my alternative is to go and be alleviated by the rough sea of sound that Snowden are all about. Thankfully I choose the second option.

Snowden’s debut album ‘Anti-Anti’ caused a ripple of praise and adulation when it was released but it seems the majority of the (rather small) crowd are here for Formation Flight. It will be my first and last time seeing Formation Flight, not because they are terrible, I’ve seen far worse, but because it is their last show. It’s fair to say that the cross between At The Drive In, Thursday, Prog Rock and a dash of Incubus is interesting but a lot of the songs are unnecessarily long which makes it hard to get into. They certainly did nothing wrong in a final performance, but you have to feel with the tiny Jug of Ale looking expansive, they haven’t really acquired much of a following and for a reason.

Seeland are an entirely different proposition comprised of members of Broadcast, Plone, and the Calvados Beam Trio. They play light and entirely inoffensive, but not altogether memorable, low tempo pop songs to the accompaniment of a laptop (which curiously seems to do the majority throughout the final track). They are certainly different but I’d be struggling to tell you how.

For bands who are playing on their first time over here, there aren’t many nerves but then with the small crowd being receptive, if a little reluctant to step into the light from the shadows of the room’s edge it’s more like playing to an empty space that claps obediently. Snowden have had labels attached to them, ranging from Interpol, The Cure to Ride, but the atmosphere of reverb and distortion they create is second to none. Racing through the majority of ‘Anti-Anti’ every now and then Snowden break out from the sombre reflections they create. The doomed nature of hypnotic layers runs contrary with a band that is ever so ready to step out from the shadows and into the light.