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The Charlotte, Leicester, May 2nd 2007

Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six at The Charlotte, Leicester.

2nd May 2007

THe First thing noticable about the Charlotte tonight is that the sound is as terrible as usual. At least it was for Accidental President, I had to stick my fingers in my ears to hear the vocals! Which was a shame as the guys seemed to have some good melodies happening, it’s just they didn’t have the right sound guy, or don’t know quite how to sound check properly. But, to their credit they did give it a go at getting the crowd going, doing a ’Mexican Jump’ across the 40 or so people who had turned up early.

Fortunatly, what ever sound issues the first band had, they had disapeared for The J.B. Conspiracy (Formerly known as Duff Muffin... the new name has something to do with James Brown apparently).


This band is a gem, a SKA punk crew who have a brass section that can really play... and I mean really really play, not just your usual ska beats, but complex toons. Not only that... Joe the saxophonist plays a mean keyboard as well (admitidly not at the same time, but that would be pretty damn cool!)


They had me attentive all the way to the end of their set. With enough variation to keep it fresh and enough energy to keep the crowd bouncing... Even though they had stuffed themselves with a mountain of noodles at the Noodle Bar before the show and were threatening to bring it up all over the crowd... or as Singer Lank suggested... into Johnnys’ (the trumpet player) hat!

I was most impressed with these guys and will keeping an ear open for them in the future.


As soon as Sonic Boom Six hit the stage, everyone in the place surged to the front and started up a little mosh pit. These guys have gotten a really big following these days... wherever I go, I see at least one SBS t-shirt, hoody or cap!

The reason for all this loving is that SBS have energy... and the tunes to go with it. Their music is positive, lively and very memorable... as their sound is a mish mash of styles bought together for music harmony. They are also constantly interacting with the punters during, before and after the gig (like signing posters etc.), so they keep the fans happy.


Tonight we are treated to a range of songs from their career as well as a track off the yet to be recorded album... doesn’t sound like they’ve lost their song writing skills on their never ending tour... (They’ve just come back from a 3 month stint in Europe).

As usual they get the fans waving their hands in the air like they’re at a hip hop gig... while songs like ’All In’ got them moving to the reggae beat.

But to top it all off after being screamed at to play more, they end their set with a blinding cover of Operation Ivys’ ’Sound System’... nice one guys!