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Hate, Love and Public Transport


Squares could be described as the next Lennon & McCartney, what with their musical style and vocal harmonies they sound very similar to the Beatles on some songs.

But this isn’t just another scouse soundalike band, they are also quite contemporary in their songs too, with some having a sound similar to The Feeling.

The songs themselves shine as they are really well written and ooze singalongability such as the track Rags To Richmond. And opening track Welcome to the day-to-day, which I cannot listen to without think of the Magical Trevor theme tune, which may be better known when it was used to advertise 118 247. Also Squares have manages to discover the ability to make any song sound happy, even songs about stagnant love i.e. Your Romance.

In fact the only track that doesn’t seem to have this overly cheery approach is River Runs which builds very nicely to a crescendo at the end only to be ruined by really bad drumming which throws it all over the shop. Other issues are that whilst the songs are great and the lyrics are inspired; the production quality is really naff and does not do the band justice. But ignoring this, Squares are a great band that also sings in their given accents rather than the tendency to put on say an American or Mockney singing voice, so kudos to the North East lads for that.

Listen: www.myspace.com/squaresmusic