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The Wounds That Never Heal


Stigmata were always a band I missed completely when I was a young teenager obsessed with hardcore.

The big daddies of the NY scene slightly overshadowed Stigmata I always thought. Nowadays they seem to be still pottering along, I Scream Records seem to like them so that is why we are treated to this re-released, re-packaged compilation of the third and fourth albums by them. Of the two, “Do Unto Others” is more than likely the most well known over this side of the Atlantic, having been released by I Scream back in 2000 and being the only one I remember seeing reviews for.

Stigmata’s sound is very rooted in the classic NYHC sound. Heavily reminiscent of a more metal affiliated Madball with some fancy drumming flourishes here and there (courtesy of future Shadows Fall drum monkey Jason Bitner).

Despite being quite leaden and lumbering along at several points they can write a pretty mean breakdown and there is more than enough hardcore here to make any bunch of mongs bounce around across a venue floor. Each album comes complete with a live track. That’s right! A single live track. The sound is pretty decent but doesn’t really add anything to the overall package.

Solid, dependable, chunky big boys music.

Listen: www.myspace.com/stigmata518