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Academy 2, Birmingham - 21.06.2008

Stone Gods

Unfortunately I missed the 1st band on, oops.

This was due to a not-so-fast food establishment and needing change for a fascist car park! Nevermind, on with the main event for the evening.

Stone Gods started great with Burn The Witch and Knife To A Gun Fight two of their best in your face rock numbers. But quickly moved on to 2 of the softer songs next, these are ones that occupy the middle portion of the album. This was a formula for the evening of heavy followed softer, probably to save the singers voice.

The Stone Gods’ front man gave a great performance throughout that set and his crowd interaction during and between the songs was nothing short of spectacular. Plus he was afraid of getting right up to them whilst playing his guitar. Knight of the Living Dead was the next song and a real stonker live.

This was followed by Don’t Drink The Water, which was just awesome. This was again followed by two softer songs, one of which was Magdalen Street, this song has a chorus which will stick in your head for days. They finished their set with the dark offering Defend or Die.

With the frenzy with which the crowd had been duly whipped into the encore was inevitable. They kicked it off with the tongue in cheek I’m With The Band, which was followed by a thrashy song that may or may not have been called Whiplash. The final song of the evening was Oh Whereo, My Beero?, which is also the last song the Stone Gods recent album and is a sing-a-long beer drinking anthem.

Once again I have to say that the crowd interaction was the best I’ve seen in a long time. This made the gig all the more memorable for those that attended.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thestonegods