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You And Your Revolution


I’m sure I made up a comic strip about a character named ‘Superbutt’ when I was young and stupid, although I can’t for the life of me remember what super power he may have had.

. .No matter, the name has been co-opted by a gruff bunch of Hungarians, who purportedly tour Europe in the time-honoured ‘rusty van’ fashion. Since Metal Hammer and EMI have seen fit to logo-ise the band’s latest offering, it should mean those days are set to end, at least for a while. You And Your Revolution is quality Rock boulder, bearing suitably gargantuan guitars (check out Lift Her or the chaos-boogie of the title track) and drums thrashing insanely in the background without falling into ‘the Ulrich Trap’ (if you get me).

The voice (including a guest appearance by one Zak Tell of Clawfinger) reeks of Monster Magnet by way of the Electric Six and Gogol Bordello, roaring suitably apocalyptic gubbins - with the weird between-track snippets, it’s a bit like tuning into a radio in a mental hospital. There’s nothing new on offer, except to infuse each track with the energy of a ringful of pumped boxers. Your neck muscles will be tested.

Listen: www.myspace.com/superbutt