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Love & Desperation

Sweet Apple

J Mascis has joined / formed another Dinosaur Jr-soundalike band with Sweet Apple, so if you’re a fan of the purple-lovin’, guitar pedal pushin’ axe squealer you’ll be in hog’s heaven.

One John Petkovic wrote the songbase with a certain Tim Parnin, both Cobra Verde alumni before jamming once more with J and the band’s namesake bass, Dave Sweetapple. Things are tight but loose and everything seems ideal for driving through rain, consistently catchy in that Green Mind kinda way. Flying Up A Mountain stands out, with its Black Keys / Beefheart riffage and lyrics such as ‘I wasn’t born, I was detached’ and ‘I was drunk when I was six, a Marxist at eight’.

If the rain has lessened and your journey’s ended at a festival, you’ll probably hear this there, too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/sweetapplesongs