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Panthalassa / Crash The Current (Single)


The nineteen-eighties, sir?

Madam? All the ‘tastemakers’ are rubbing that decade frantic right now, and Nottingham’s Swimming fit as snugly as a pixie boot. They’ve chosen an interesting bouquet from the day-glo garden; a sprig of Public Image, a few pruned spikes of Kajagoogoo and a spray of Sparks. And is that A Flock of Seagulls I see in the distance? Oh no, it’s gone. Panthalassa blips and whooshes along fairly inoffensively, with an imaginative, swirling guitar breakdown. Crash the Current brings more of the same, with a touch more heaviness. The remixes tend to emphasise the childish nature of the music, which will please all the Casio lovers out there. So, a few silly outfits and a couple of ill-judged tabloid-friendly relationships and who knows?

Listen: www.myspace.com/swimmingband