Die Shellsuit, Die!

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Holy crap.

Or possibly unholy crap, considering the apocalyptic noise that erupts from the speakers the second you put this record on. This is, simply put, sheer evil - in the best way possible. To start with a sparse, uneasy silence is punctuated with stabbing, throbbing guitars which then steadily build up (the shortest of the three tracks is over 12 minutes long) to thunderous, cacophonous crescendos where thick, claustrophobic waves of noise ebb forth, washing over you, pinning you to your seat. Tortured, guttural vocals drift in and out, and the three tracks run into one another to create one epic wall of sound for almost 50 minutes.

Simple words cannot convey quite how harsh and bleak this record is. Switchblade are a heavy band in the truest sense of the word. If you like your metal almost painfully slow and crushing, in the vein of Khanate, Palehorse or Snowblood then I can virtually guarantee you’ll love this. Now all I need is a copy on heavyweight vinyl and I’ll be in heaven… Or hell. I would also suggest that it’s really important to listen to this through either a GOOD pair of headphones or speakers - your tinny little computer speakers or earbuds just won’t supply you with the nuances of the sound, which really make this as special as it is.

Listen: www.myspace.com/switchblade