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Whatever You Like (Single)



is so big, and all it took was Rihanna and some dodgy europop. Who’d have thought it? But then the so called King of The South has to go and release something like this. Who does he think he is, bloody R Kelly? The basic premise of the song is that as is doing rather well for himself he can afford to treat his other half, because of course that’s the definition of love, being able to buy anything and everything. Doesn’t this boy know there’s a goddam recession on?

It was an interview with Flight of the Concords and they were talking about comedy songs and about how R’n’B was the best example because they sound like they believe completely and utterly in what they are saying despite how ridiculous it is, and this certainly hits the spot. To make matters worse there is a distinct possibility that other minds where involved in the creation of this song. That means other minds looked at it and had absolutely no problems with the line ‘late night sex so wet you’re so tight’.

Is he serious? Really?

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