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Take It Back!

Politically charged music can come in a few packages.

The artistes can either express their words in song - coming straight to the point. Or pepper their songs with bland anti-statements about nothing - preferring to stand on stages and witter on aimlessly about the plight of the hamster. I’m mentioning no names here... and it has nothing to do with Irish rockstars.

Thankfully Take it Back! Have decided to wear their heart on their lyrical sleeves and say what they actually think. Destined to be compared to Rise Against and Anti-Flag by lazy reviewers, TIB take their ideas in a slightly different direction.

The messages are simple - backed up with simplicity - not wanting to cloud a message with wasted rhetoric. In places the delivery feels off - and the Black Flag cover verges on parody in places but mostly it’s a decent release.

Listen: http://www.myspace.com/takeitbackar