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We Dance In Slow Motion (Single)


On We Dance In Slow Motion these Brighton upstarts successfully capture the snake bite fuelled, strobe lit posturing of a Tuesday night in Indie basement - Audio.

Hailing from these sunny shores, Telegraphs (Darcy Harrison, Hattie Williams, Darren Le Warne, Sam Bacon and Aung Yay… or Gary to his mates) compose the kind of steely Graham Greene novel that gets heads dancing and feet thinking. Not content with merely providing a soundtrack for physical jitters, front-man Darcy pens lyrics that may or may not be about moments from his and bassist Hattie’s now defunct romance.

Telegraphs fit somewhere between Bloc Party and T’Arctic Monkeys, if both bands turned up the overdrive a couple more notches to give a sleazier swing, much like a back alley quadraphonic fuck, to the music. It’s not unlikely to expect to Telegraphs to start popping up everywhere in the not so distant future.

Listen: www.myspace.com/telegraphs